Why Hong Kong Is The Greatest City In The World

Covid-19 has changed our lifestyles and now we are fed up with this stay-at-home lifestyle. We need to go out and start traveling again, we don’t have time, we don’t have money but these are lame excuses. With Cathy Pacific, you can travel to Hong Kong is a very low price.

Because of the lockdown, the years 2020 and 2021 have been difficult to travel. But don’t let it stop you from planning a trip in 2022! Traveling gives you the opportunity to discover a lot of new things. Traveling is an important element of life since it allows you to escape your hectic routine.

It’s also about having a variety of life experiences. You must once-a-lifetime travel to Hong Kong, which boasts one of the world’s most booming economies and serves as a crossroads for international commerce and investment.

This cosmopolitan metropolis combines Western and Asian influences to create a world-class commercial, cultural, and commerce hub.

Here are a few reasons why you should travel to Hong Kong


Hong Kong is designated as a special administrative area by China. It includes over 200 islands located in eastern Asia bordered by China. Mostly it has mountains and hills and the city is world-famous as an economical hub. It has all sorts of shopping malls, business and trade centers, and major companies.

Another important thing about this city is that it has a free market economy. This city has a long history and is culturally very diverse. It is a unique blend of southeastern china’s historical Han Cantonese ethnicity.

Hong Kong provides a unique combination of the finest Chinese and international food, shops, and events to experience its liveliness. Looking for something a little more relaxing? Unwind at a roadside café, learn “Tai Chi,” or go trekking in one of our beautiful rural parks.

What is Hong Kong Culture?

People from Hong Kong like to call themselves “Hong Kongers” as a recent survey shows that about 70% of the residents like to refer to as “Hong Kongers”.

The culture is very diverse. Even visitors and travelers who have just interacted with Mainlanders and local Hong Kongers for a short period markedly different conduct, demeanor, and attitudes. People here like to embrace and protect their culture.

Natural parks are huge, and legendary culture and history have left their mark all over the city whether it is the monuments, food culture, or social values. It is one of the most unique cities in the world.

It might be stressful to be lost in translation, but practically everyone speaks fluent English. In summary, something will mesmerize you at some point throughout your stay here.

What Are The Fun Things To Do In Hong Kong?

Everyday life in China includes classic Chinese rituals, vacations, principles, and spiritual beliefs.

Age is treated with respect. Hong Kong provides a remarkable combination of the finest Chinese and international food, companies, and nightlife to experience its liveliness. Hong Kong, one of the world’s most significant financial centers and commercial ports, is home to a variety of recreational and cultural activities; it is a shoppers’ paradise, with everything from street markets to sophisticated shops, and its famous skyline rivals New York City.

When visiting there are a few things you must do.


Hong Kong has one of the most spectacular skylines on the planet. One of the most enjoyable things to do is to take in the breathtaking views from various vantage points. You may also go climbing or trekking in the mountains, which are so soothing and lush that nature will stream through your veins.

Hong Kong, as an economic centre, is also home to magnificent skyscrapers and stunning pieces of architecture that will take your breath away. This city appears to have been erected as a work of art by its inhabitants.

Watch The Symphony Of Lights Show And Cruise

The Symphony of Lights Show’s unrivalled popularity makes it one of the most notable things for any tourist to do in Hong Kong. This breathtaking display of innovation and imagination is said to be the world’s biggest permanent light and sound show, and it’s best experienced while travelling.

Best Parks

The nicest thing about taking your families to Hong Kong is that it is home to the world-famous Disneyland Park and Ocean Park. These parks are a must-see for anybody visiting Hong Kong for more than a week.

Take A Walk And Discover Hidden Gems

A city that is comfortable on the feet is uncommon, and an even rarer city is one that does not feel like an infinite maze of hidden jewels. The city’s enormous network of subways and sky bridges have been built to support women in high-heeled shoes and leather shoes, as well as the elderly and individuals with disabilities.

The city is also very safe and tourists are treated with respect and honor.

Final Thoughts

Hong Kong is famous as an international business hub, marketplace, shopping heaven, and tourism land. In Hong Kong, there are markets for every budget.

There are also other attractions, including skyscrapers and street bazaars, as well as beaches and green parklands. You may also take advantage of the visa-free status and convenient transit. Travelling to and within may be straightforward, pleasurable, and significant.

Most of the famous graffiti art nowadays is the work of the Walls and Hong Kong Urban Canvas Projects; Hong Kong Walls’ different components have blended something together a combination of old and new at Sham Shui Po, and Hong Kong Urban Canvas has pulled off pretty spectacular works of artwork at Wan Chai and Sheung Wan.

You at least need a month to properly visit the whole city and experience most of the fun things. It is truly an amazing city to visit. So, let’s pack your backpack and book a flight to Hong Kong.

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