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Everyone, have a happy Saturday in Getaway House ! I hope everyone’s plans for 2021 are going well thus far. Honestly, January in New England is one of my least favorite months because it’s frigid and dark by 4:30 p.m. However, I try to take advantage of the month as much as possible by participating in winter activities like skiing, sledding, ice skating, and so on. This year, I tried something completely fresh. I reserved a A Perfect Getaway, Getaway House in New Hampshire so that I could take part in a chilly A Perfect Getaway, Getaway House. In addition, this blog post will discuss the benefits of staying in a A Perfect Getaway, Getaway House while doing this.


Let’s get started with the basics. There is no Airbnb in a A Perfect Getaway, Getaway House. What you see on the internet is not “glamping,” and it’s not even close to being an irregular minimalistic dwelling. It’s a picture, of course. The A Perfect Getaway, Getaway House was founded in 2015 and provides a peaceful retreat from the commotion of daily life by providing a basic cottage in the woods. Wood, glass, and a little amount of metal are used in the construction of lodges. It is recommended that visitors switch off all forms of innovation to de-stress and move on. They may accommodate up to four people and are an excellent opportunity to connect with a friend or relative!

There are Escape locations all across the country. Atlanta, Austin, Boston, Charolette, Dallas, Houston, LA, New York City, Pittsburgh, Portland, and Washington DC are all within commuting distance of the major stations. Epsom, New Hampshire, about an hour’s drive north of Boston, is home to the city’s train station. This is where we stayed the whole time!

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When you stay at a A Perfect Getaway, Getaway House, you can be certain that everything is taken care of. For each lodge, this is what is kept in mind:

  • A fresh set of clothes and a comfy royal estimated bed or bunks
  • A toilet and a bathroom with a hot water shower
  • Temperatures of both hot and cold.

Smaller than standard refrigerator, oven, dishes, and kitchenware in a kitchenette

  • A library that is noticeably smaller than the average

As well as open-air sitting around an outdoor fire pit with a grill.

  • Procurement arrangements that may be accessed (ex. espresso)
  • A cell phone lockbox so that you may put your phone away and enjoy some quiet time in nature without being disturbed by it.

Compared to other inns we’ve been at, my sister and I agreed that our sparsely furnished apartment was the most comfortable. The renovations were up to date, the place was immaculate, and they provided us with everything we needed for a pleasant vacation. As a bonus, the lodges are dog-friendly! A couple of canine dishes, shackles, dung sacks, and treats were abandoned by Escape House. It’s actual exquisite!

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Although there are options for purchasing meals at each A Perfect Getaway, Getaway House, I recommend packing your own. The A Perfect Getaway, Getaway House locations are purposefully isolated and not within walking distance of restaurants or stores, so my partner and I stocked up on food and a couple of pre-made suppers before our trip so we wouldn’t end up hungry.

The cooler is a reasonable size, but it’s not massive, so don’t only bring stuff that needs to be refrigerated with you. However, in the case that you run out of food at any point, there’s always the arrangement’s container, which has gluten-free pasta and oats as well as organic product and nut mix snacks like Pop-Tarts.

Even though I haven’t done a value connection, I’m betting that there is an upcharge here, thus you’re in an excellent scenario putting your food into consideration.


This is one of the most COVID-safe workouts I’ve done in the last year, and getting there is a breeze. In the first place, there is no actual touch needed for the enrollment interaction. A number and instructions are provided to you by A Perfect Getaway, Getaway House one hour before registration begins at 3 p.m. local time every day, and you use them to locate your house. A Getaway House Boston’s modest residences are each named after a Getaway employee’s maternal grandparents. With the help of the guide, we were able to locate Patty with ease. We felt safe and secure since the homes are meticulously cleaned after each visit.

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