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What is a Hernia: 5 Facts That You Need to Know

A condition that is most of the time overlooked and oftentimes neglected is known as a hernia. These are tears seen in the lining of the abdomen. These tears make the intestines push out of the hole. This wall of the muscle stretches to the groin starting from the rib cage. It permits a scope of different types of hernia. Each of these can result in serious health issues and needs special attention. 

The top general surgeons in Karachi say that a lot of people don’t know what is a hernia or what it feels like. It is often confused with a muscle pull. But it is actually a lot more than just a muscle pull. To put it in simple words, it is a hole present in the layer of the muscle. Through this layer, the tissues of the abdomen start to protrude out.

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Major Symptoms of Hernia

A hernia or a bulge seen in the abdomen is disappeared and is pushed back when a person lies down. And this is the reason why a lot of times the symptoms of a are not very clear. It is oftentimes caused due to persistent coughing, crying, strain during taking a stool, or any physical activity that uses force. 

More symptoms that can clearly indicate a hernia are, 

  • A feeling of being full all the time
  • Pin in the abdomen while lifting
  • An increase observed in the bulge in the groin with each passing day
  • Constant unclear aches in the abdomen

In the case of other types of hernia like a hiatal hernia, it can be observed that there is no presence of any kind of bulge in the abdomen instead the symptoms felt include, 

  • Indigestion
  • Chest Pain
  • Regurgitation felt frequently
  • Difficulty in swallowing

What Causes Hernia? 

A hernia can be caused due to different reasons. it depends on the overall health of the individual and also the TYPE OF HERNIA. Initially, it is noted that the bulge and outward pressure starts from any of the organ or intestines. It is caused when pressure is seen in the area where there are already weak muscles and tissues present. 

It doesn’t indicate that when a person gets old he will be suffering from a hernia. However, it is partially true as the muscles of the body do get weak which can cause the muscles to get delicate and weak. This can result in causing a hernia. 

Certain habits can worsen an existing or there can be certain movements that one should avoid in order to stay away from the hernia. These can be, 

  • Poor diet
  • Obesity or being overweight
  • Heavy lifting
  • Overusing a single muscle

This is the basic information about a hernia that should be known to everyone. But some extra facts that every one you should know about Hernia includes,

Hernias are seen happening more in men

If looked closely, the anatomy of men justifies why occurs more in men. While the baby is still in the mother’s womb, the testicles when formed move down in the scrotum down the inguinal channel. After the birth, the inguinal cord completely closes. There is then very less space left for the spermatic cord to pass through the abdomen. 

The space left is never enough for the testicles to recede back into the abdomen. This canal however may not seal correctly and this then leaves a weakened area inclined. 

The best way to treat Hernia is by surgery

The only and best way to treat is by the use of surgery. There are different techniques that can be used. The procedure can be laparoscopic or it can be an open surgery. But it is very much needed to get your surgery done if the is not mature.

When the is diagnosed it is important to check the size of the growth as the removal depends on the size. If it is not too much then there is no need for removal. 

Hernia gets worse with the condition getting worse

Hernias can be very small and also can be very large in size. The larger size can result in a causing obstruction in the bowels by unfolding into the scrotum.  In serious conditions, gangrene is developed in the intestines which can be very fatal. 

Unrepaired that are large in size can cause a lot of pressure on the tissues around and in men, these can extend the scrotum and can induce swelling and pain. Any curve of the intestine trapped when in the abdominal wall, can cause an obstruction which can lead to severe pain. Vomiting nausea and being unable to pass out the gas can be observed. This is also known as a confined hernia

Being overweight can play a huge role in the development of a hernia

A very big risk to is the extra weight that we put on. When there is extra weight, the pressure in the abdomen is already high. Not only being obese can cause, but also it can delay the repair process. 

There are chances that you will develop a again once you dont do anything about your weight after the repair. It is, therefore, important to follow a weight-reduction plan in order to reduce the risk of recurrence. 

Hernias are more than one type

There are indeed a number of that can occur. The most common ones are called inguinal and groin. Some people are born with a weakness that is called congenital . This can happen due to aging or with the muscles of the body weakening with time. Coughing and physical activity that puts strain can also be a big cause of it. 


Hernias can occur to anyone however these can be seen happening more in men. It is important to know the facts about to pursue proper treatment. If the issue gets serious it is important to visit a general surgeon as soon as possible. 

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