Trend Of Wearing Khussa shoes in Pakistan

Khussa shoes have long been a trend in Pakistan; wearing them for the summer season has been relatively popular in both distant and recent years, and maybe now you’re starting to consider if a pair of Khussa are right for you. Well, we’ve got plenty of fashionable and designer examples at Studio by TCS; we’ve also got a little history lesson ready for you below, to make sure you know just how fun a trend Khussa shoes in Pakistan have been!

The History of Khussa Shoes

Khussa shoes have long been favourited by women thanks to just how comfortable they feel on the feet. They’re a relaxed form of footwear that are soft to the touch, and are great for keeping the heat out on hot and humid days. 

Usually worn in summer, as a casual form of footwear that keeps the wearer going for longer, Khussa shoes were traditionally made using leather and cotton. On top of this, natural materials like seashells and ceramic beads were used to add embellishment and embroidery to add a touch of personalisation to each pair. And we still keep up with that tradition today! 

The Khussa Shoe Trend Today

In today’s climate, Khussa shoes are still all the rage, and more so as the days get warmer than they ever have been before around the globe. As such, the love for Khussa shoes is no longer central to Asia, and the trend is spreading far into Europe and beyond, and just because Khussa shoes are so perfect for the climates there. 

And thanks to the eco-friendly materials used to make Khussa shoes, each pair is ethically produced, which is another big score for the shoe market at large. So, why not get your hands on a pair of your own? You’ll love slipping your feet into them to relax! 

Our Range of Ladies Khussa Shoes

Here at Studio by TCS, we have a wide range of diverse ladies khussa shoes for any lady who wants to look stylish this season. Whether you’re a fan of pastel and cutesy colours, or you’re looking for a more impactful and bold shoe statement, we’ve got a pair of Khussa to suit you. 

We stock many different designers, including some popular works by JootiShooti, Milli Shoes, and Soma, amongst many others. Just take a look through our catalogue to find the pair that suits your style and taste! 

Maybe you’ll love the Basic Neon B21-01 Khussa? They’re great for women of all ages, and are perfect for use around the house and the garden. Or maybe you want a pair of Iza Gold by Nadiya Kassam? These shoes are stylish enough for a trip to the theatre in, but they’re also suited for a stroll along the coast with a loved one. 

No matter what kind of Khussa you really like, we’re sure to have the pair for you. Jump on the trend and bring a taste of the Pakistani Summer home to you here in the UK. 

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