Top-Rated South Korean Actors with a Massive Following in Singapore

 It’s not every day a Korean magician pulls a stunt at the city center and amasses a substantial audience in minutes. Not because Singaporeans are unfriendly or discriminative, but because the entertainment scene in Singapore is a bit different from Korean. However, South Korean films are slowly gaining momentum in Singapore. In fact, it’s not uncommon to find Singaporeans watching aesthetically pleasing, genre-bending, masterfully crafted, and well-written Korean movies. These three South Korean actors have become dominating faces on many Singapore TV screens and for good reasons.

1. Gong Ji Chul

Going by the stage name Gong Yoo, Gong Ji Chul is a 1979-born South Korean actor who lives a social media-free and quiet lifestyle. Gong Yoo started his acting career in 2004 as a drama actor before he landed a leading role in the Coffee Prince movie in 2005. Coffee Prince became a mega-hit in the movie scene and gained a world audience, especially in Singapore, China, Philippines, the U.S, and Britain.

While Coffee Prince just triggered momentum in his acting career, the Train to Busan, Goblin, and Big movies placed him at the industry’s top. Gong Yoo is currently a top paid actor in the Asian continent and one of the most celebrated films and drama actors in Singapore, China, and Korea. Gong Yoo’s movies are currently some of the most-watched in Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, iTunes, DirectTV Now, and more.

2. Lee Jung Jae

Lee Jung Jae is a big name in the Korean movie scene and a household name in many Asian families, precisely in Singapore. The 1972-born Korean actor Lee Jung began his acting career in the mid-1990s. Jae has featured in many world-themed movies such as Sandglass and feelings. His appearance in hit movies, including Deliver Us From Evil, The Thieves, and Warriors of Dawn as an antagonist, has established him as a prominent thespian and movie name to behold in Singapore.

Recently, Lee Jung Jae was featured in Squid Game as Player 456, which exposed his talent to a global audience, presenting him as a Hollywood-standard Korean actor. You may get Lee Jung-Jae actor information from Viki. Unlike Gong Yoo, Lee Jung Jae is deeply into social media and enjoys a 4.9 million following on Instagram and billions of likes.

3. Wi Ha Joon

Known officially as Wi Hyeon Yi, the 1991-born South Korean actor Wi Ha Joon is also a big name in the international movie scene. His acting career has been filled with dialect struggles. Wi Ha Yoon has acted in many international-standard Korean-themed television dramas, including Goodbye Mr. Black, Bad & Crazy, Matrimonial Chaos, 18 Again, Squid Game, and My Golden Life.

However, his appearance in the internationally accepted Squid Game movie brought his name to the international limelight. Many of the movies by Wi Ha Joon are available on global-targeting paid and unpaid streaming platforms, including Netflix, DirectTV Now, iTunes, and Amazon Prime Video. In fact, Singaporeans and the world have come to like him because of how best he played the police officer role in the Squid Game movie released in 2021.

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