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Top 5 Popular Packaging For Custom Frozen Food Boxes

Custom frozen food boxes with suitable material and perfect design are best for products and your business. When it comes to frozen food packaging, safety measures come first. Besides, select high-quality packaging material that can resist all temperatures. In short, frozen food packaging is an important process requiring much attention. 

While freezing, such products expand to 9 per cent because of their moisture content. Hence, frozen food boxes need to be sustainable and flexible to handle such changes. Packaging plays a significant role in representing a brand or items. Therefore, make sure to choose suitable material that fits your packaging needs. Above all, consider these features while deciding on packaging material like vipleague lc:

  • It should be strong enough to withstand freezing temperatures below minus.
  • It must have appealing designs and visuals to attract customers.
  • Easy to fill, store and seal.
  • Protective and user-friendly packaging 
  • Resistant to oil, water, and grease 

What Are Suitable Packaging Material For Frozen Food?

Let’s explore the different types of packaging for frozen food:

  • Shrink Film
  • Chipboard
  • Wax Coated Cardboard
  •  Glass
  •  Aluminum
  •  Flexible Bags
  •  Lidding Films
  •  High barrier thermoforming film 
  •  IQF polyethylene
  •  Skin film


Plenty of packaging options are available in the industry for custom frozen food boxes. You can personalize them in every shape, size, and style, knowing which type of material to use in packaging. Besides, chipboard is one of the most commonly used materials for box packaging. 

In chipboard packaging, shrink film is present to secure products such as pizza, veggies, cakes, and pies. In addition, chipboard packaging boxes are versatile. Thus, you can easily print the graphics on it edge-to-edge. Such bold imagery grabs buyers’ attention quickly and influences their purchasing decision. 

Wax-Coated Cardboard

Wax-coated cardboard is another popular packaging material for frozen food heated inside its container. It’s usually used for frozen Chinese food. Furthermore, these containers are heat resistant. Thus, you can put them quickly in the microwave until the food inside is all cooked.

Besides, there are trays also available for pre-made frozen food that uses a wax-coated cardboard tray for this exact reason. These trays are commonly sealed with shrink film. All you need is to remove the tray from a shrink film sealed cardboard box, make holes in the film and then place it in the microwave. The food is then completely cooked and ready to eat.


Aluminum is another packaging material used for custom frozen food boxes. Mainly aluminum foil helps in packaging a wide range of food products such as lasagna, brownies, steaks, and many more.

Besides, the top of the foil is cardboard or waxed coated cardboard. You need to remove the cardboard or waxed top and place the aluminum box directly into the oven for cooking.

Flexible Bags

Flexible bags are the top choice for frozen foods. It is commonly made of food-grade foils, plastics, or other protective materials. These custom frozen food boxes are also helpful in packaging frozen fruits, vegetables, pre-made meals, pasta, and many more. Furthermore, some flexible bags are plain and clear; others are printed with appealing graphics and images. Such unique and attractive custom frozen food boxes play a significant role in showcasing your products and business. Moreover, such containers are also used for packaging frozen baked items such as bread, rolls, and others.

Important Things To Consider While Designing Frozen Food Packaging

Custom frozen food boxes are an ideal solution for securing the unique flavors of products. Besides, the quality of the product and its packaging is also essential. Thus, you all must choose unique and trendy wholesale frozen food box designs. Below are some ways to make this process creative and easy:

Quality Printing Options 

Nowadays, every business wants to stand in the spotlight. Hence, the competition has become more challenging than ever. Your customers expect something new from you. In this regard, printed frozen food boxes fulfill your company’s specific needs. Thus consider using the latest printing techniques while designing your items.

Furthermore, attractive printing on the products helps them stand out in the marketplace, attracting more buyers. In addition, printing comes in a variety of options. With endless personalization options, you can design the wholesale frozen food boxes with bold color schemes. Besides, customized printing can play a significant role in brand promotion. Thus, it can lead to long-term relationships with buyers. In short, if you’re looking for a different custom-made frozen food box for your business, you should keep these in mind.

Imprint Packaging Labels

To give consumers more information about wholesale frozen food boxes, it is mandatory to print labels and information on them, such as,

  • Name of the goods
  • Weight of the product 
  • Brand name, logo, and company address 
  • Warning labels
  • Ingredients list
  • Nutrition facts

Apart from these, CustomBoxesMarket is gaining popularity in the industry because of the quality packaging they offer. If you are looking for creative food packaging boxes, visit here.

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