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Things To Keep In Mind Before You Buy Vacuum Cleaner Before

Individuals have started spending more and more time cooped up at home due to the recent circumstances facing the world. Lockdowns literally forced many folks to be housebound and work without any help from outside. This meant the elimination of house help, and while everyone thought this was a temporary situation, many people resorted to vacuum cleaners for household chores.

Moreover, research by Dyson and FRAC found that dust mites, allergens, and pollen linger in our homes after conventional methods of cleaning have taken place. cleaners are perfect as they do a thorough job of cleaning, and preventing illness.

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A popular vacuum cleaner from Eureka Forbes, the Eureka Wet and Dry vacuum became popular, as did many hand-held vacuum cleaners by Black and Decker. More than anything, as we spend a substantial time at home, it’s essential to keep homes clean and free of allergens. You can purchase a Eureka vacuum cleaner easily with a few easy steps.

How to Choose the Best Model

With so many types available in the market, how do you choose which vacuum you should purchase? Furthermore, do you only need a dry model or one that is a wet and dry vacuum ? There’s a systematic way to go about your selection, and here are some things to consider.

  • Your Surfaces – The kind of surfaces you have in your home will affect your choice of vacuum cleaners. Vacuum cleaners that are hand-held tools are undoubtedly suited to small jobs and take the place of traditional dusting. Many good models are made by Black and Decker and match the cleaning requirements that upholstery cleaning, window sill cleaning, and other small areas demand. If you want a vacuum cleaner for your floors (and most of us do), then different types are suited to different surfaces. The most common one for Indian flooring, constituting marble or tiled surfaces, is the canister type with various attachments. For carpeting, think of a vacuum cleaner with a brush roll facility.
  • Multi-storey Homes – In case your home has multiple levels, you need to consider a portable vacuum cleaner that is sleek and lightweight. These are the popular and trendy stick models from companies like Dyson. They come with charging ports and don’t need a plug connection when used.
  • Convenience in Cleaning – Although Eureka wet and dry vacuum cleaners will give you near-effortless cleaning, you may want a machine that does all the work by itself. In such a circumstance, you can go in for a Eureka vacuum cleaner that works by remote control.
  • Any Allergies Present – If you or anyone in your family have dust allergies, you need to look for a vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter. Although most advanced models have this by default, some may not.

Choose by Type

If you are shopping online, you get a range of vacuum cleaners to browse and compare. While you are doing this, you may come across different types which will give you some indication of how to make your final choice. Here are some handy hints to select the type of vacuum cleaner, according to your requirement.

  • Hand-held Type – These are portable, light, and apt for dusting and reaching nooks and crevices with ease. Relatively inexpensive, the latest ones work on batteries. Good models are the Black and Decker VH802 and the Eureka Forbes Easy Clean Plus.
  • Canister Models – Frequently used, this is an all-purpose cleaner. However, canisters are bulky and come with wheels. You get some of them as wet and dry vacuum cleaner machines.
  • Upright Cleaners – These are upright vacuum cleaners that suit spacious large surface areas. They aren’t a good idea for cleaning under furniture, as they are fitted to a solid vertical handle.
  • Multi-use Type – These offer wet and dry cleaning options. Heavy and bigger than their canister counterparts, they are powerful and you need to lug them around. Yet, they offer a power-packed cleaning mechanism. Good examples of these are the Eureka Forbes DX1150 Wet and Dry cleaner and the Inalsa WD10 model.
  • Stick Type – A portable and lightweight vacuum cleaner that has a chargeable port, you can carry it anywhere. 
  • Robotic Cleaners – Working through remote control or via an app, these are cleaners who work independently. They offer wet and dry cleaning.

Easy Cleaning

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