Social Media Aggregators For Next-Gen Marketers

As the name of the title suggests, this post is going to be about how relevant and significant social media has become in today’s marketing space. Ever since platforms have come into the picture, brands and marketers have included them meticulously in their marketing efforts to reach out to a wider audience.

Over the years, brands and marketers have moved to a more customer-centric approach to gain maximum exposure, sales, and conversions. 

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Social media platforms have made their way into the regular routine of the users, which is why its users highly use the platform to post about their experiences with brands. 

User-Generated Content plays a significant role in helping brands upscaling their business growth since it is unbiased, genuine, and an honest form of content marketing. 

Speaking of User-Generated Content, you cannot ignore a fun fact – More than 80% of customers go trust and utilize UGC in their purchase journey before finalizing a decision. 

There you go! We are certain that this fact must be an eye-opener for you too if you have not yet used the voice of your customers in your marketing efforts. Social media aggregators come right in if at all you are wondering about the embedding process. 

Social media aggregators are tools that can be used by marketers to collect, curate, and embed social media content from various platforms into the website. 

However, there are various social media aggregation tools available that can help marketers to do so seamlessly. This post will give you an insight into the best social media aggregator tools that work great to help brands complete the process. Without any further ado, let’s get started! 

Must-Know Social Media Aggregators For Smart Marketers 

  • Taggbox Widget

First up on the list is the Taggbox Widget – an award-leading and super responsive aggregator that allows brands to collect, curate and add a social media widget on the website easily.

The users can collect the content from over 18+ social media platforms. After aggregating the content, the users can customize it using a wide array of styling options offered by the tool.

The users of this tool can leverage the customization panel and choose from a wide array of fonts, themes, templates, etc. 

The tool has a content moderation panel for the users to monitor and remove any unwanted or objectionable content from the widget to maintain the topmost quality of content. Users can also analyze the content after publishing the widget on the website. Detailed insights like total likes, engagement rates, total impressions, etc. would help the users track the performance of the social media widget. 

Taggbox Widget also offers a back support team that can be used if the users come across an technical issue while using the tool. 

If at all, the users come across an issue while using the tool, they can fall upon the back support team of the tool for assistance anytime.

  • Juicer 

Another great social media aggregation tool is Juicer. The tool enables the users to collect the content using based on their preferred hashtags, videos, etc. Not only this, but the tool also helps the users to moderate their content before publishing it. The users can also customize it and analyze the performance of the widget. 

The best part about the tool is that it offers quite a few cost-effective pricing plans. Overall, this tool is one of the best due to its responsiveness.

  • Flockler 

Flockler is another tool that enables users to aggregate and inserts social media feeds on the website seamlessly. You can source the content from all social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. 

The tool offers quite a few templates and layout choices to the users to increase the appeal of the social media widget. Flockler automatically updates content every few minutes without the users having to do it manually.

  • Embed Social

The last tool on the list is the Embed Social. This tool offers over 10+ templates to the users for customizing the widget. Additionally, the users can choose from various display options like a carousel, collage, etc. to attract the website visitors more. 

Moreover, the tool also offers a moderation panel to the users for maintaining the quality of content before publishing it on the website.

Benefits Of Using Social Media Aggregators

Here is the list of the go-to social media aggregators that can help the next generation of marketers to use it and make the most of it. In this section, we will be telling you about the benefits of using these tools to the best of your advantage. 

Social media aggregators can help – 

  • Build a social proof of the brands 
  • Display User-Generated content 
  • Increase the engagement of the website visitors 
  • Reduce the bounce rate of the website 
  • A chance to increase sales & conversions 

Key Takeaways

And we are calling it a wrap! We are at the end of this post and you are now aware of the best social media aggregators that work great to aggregate content from various social media platforms. 

You are also now aware of the significance of social media aggregators in the marketing world and how using it can be marketers’ best bet. All you have to do is use your preferred social media aggregator and see your business take off!

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