Seven Top Tips for Acing IB Mathematics

International Baccalueareaute academics are tough. And nobody feels the stress more than IB mathematics students who are preparing to tackle a new course. Math, more so than most other subjects, seems to be a tipping point that really challenges students. Some naturally rise to the occasion while others struggle. But learning is strategic and these seven tips can help you successfully complete your IB math studies.

1. Learn to Take Initiative

IB math teachers provide some instruction and structure for how the content in the course is covered. But most of the meaningful learning is self-directed. Students who learn early on to take control of their learning and seek out supplemental instruction and practice outside of the classroom will do the best in these classes. In fact, it’s unlikely to pass an IB math course without rigorous study.

2. Get Familiar with the IB Subject Guide

The IBO provides an outline of all the content that will be covered in a course. Rather than relying on your teacher to spell things out for you, students should take the time to study the subject guide and reference it often as they complete the material to ensure their learning is on track with the content in the course.

3. Understand the Context of the IB Program

Many students are simply surprised by the level of difficulty in an IB math program. The entire IBO academic program is designed to create well-rounded, studious individuals with the drive for achievement and excellence. And that means that it will be challenging in order to inspire individual growth. But the amazing thing about how humans learn is that you will adapt if you are open to learning.

4. Invest Time into Learning How to Use a Graphing Calculator

Some of the biggest mistakes that hurt scores and undermine confidence have nothing to do with knowing the material or being good at math. These mistakes come from simple calculator errors like forgetting to enter brackets. 

5. Give an Appropriate Amount of Time to Coursework

Your coursework is 20% of the final grade. And this includes exploration in an area of mathematics that is included in the course. Many students either underestimate this requirement or choose research that is too simplistic for a high grade.

6. Build a Good Work Ethic

Success in IB math requires diligent study. You’ll need to be disciplined enough to spend time outside of the classroom revising and challenging yourself to develop your weaknesses. And these study habits start with a good work ethic.

7. Take the Advice of Others Into Consideration When Choosing Levels

There are different levels for a reason. Not everyone needs to master nuclear physics so choose your math level carefully based on your career goals, interests, and individual progress in mathematics. But most of all, don’t discount the advice from your professors or parents when choosing vipleague coursework.

The Bottom Line on Acing IB Mathematics

While a good foundation in mathematics is essential, the skills needed to be successful in IB mathematics are a bit broader. Good study habits, a solid work ethic, and the ability to see the big picture can be far more important in determining individual success. For the rest, Revision Village offers a comprehensive resource of study materials for IB mathematics that can keep you on track.

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