SEO Tips: Gain More Website Audience

6 ways to drive traffic to your website using SEO 

No matter what type of website you have, one of your biggest problems will be trying to get traffic to your website. 

Driving your numbers up can seem like an impossible task, but there is actually a huge range of things you can do to gain a bigger audience for your website. And SEO is the unsung hero of traffic that we should all know more about. 

In this article, we are going to talk you through 6 different ways that SEO can get you a bigger audience for your website. 

#1 – Find Your Niche (and stick to it) 

Search engines rank their search results based on the authority it perceives the sites to have. They want their users to find exactly what they need, as soon as possible. 

So, the real question is how do you get search engines to recognize your website as an authoritative source? 

Well, you need to pick a topic or a niche and stick to it. Get help of an seo company which can guide you in this regard of identifying your Niche and working on it.

So, if you want to climb up the rankings and get more visitors, establish yourself as an expert in a small field. 

#2 – Make Sure Your Website Is Beautiful Designed 

The algorithms that search engines run on love a well-designed website that is easy for users and their software to navigate. You will also find that people are more likely to visit your multiple times if it looks good. 

The best way to think about it is that you need to make sure that your look good for visitors and for search engines. 

You want to make sure that the sitemap for your website is neat and well-organized too. 

If you are not artistically gifted then you might want to look into bringing an expert like on board. 

#3 – Don’t Dump All Of Your Content Onto Your Website At Once

When you first start your website, you will be tempted to try and fill it up as quickly as possible. 

However, if you want to keep the search engine algorithms on your side then you are going to want to drip-feed content onto your website.

Search engines value websites that upload consistently, this tells them that the information is up to date and that the website constantly has something new to offer its readers. 

#4 – Don’t Forget To Do Your Key Word Research 

When you look something up online, the search engines are looking for a few keywords to do with that topic. You can make it easier for search engines to find it by optimizing your content. 

Start by making sure that your site’s URL, header tags, and meta descriptions are optimized for search engines – this includes the data behind your images and other files. 

Then move on to your content. 

You can use an SEO keyword research tool to help you find the most relevant and popular topics in your niche. 

You can then use the topics to create optimized content. Or you can take your preexisting content and make it more search engine friendly. 

#5 – Use Short Sentences And Paragraphs 

Most people browse the internet on their phones now or on their tablets. So, you need to make sure that, not only do you have a mobile-friendly format but also that your content has been designed with mobile readers in mind. 

What does mobile-friendly content look like? 

Well, both the sentences and the paragraphs are short. You should also use headings and subheadings to make the article easier to navigate. 

#6 – Speed Up The Load Speed Of Your Website 

Research done by Google suggests that 53% of mobile readers will click off if it takes too long to load. 

You can check how long it takes to load by using a tool like Google’s Test My Site. Your website’s speed may feel out of your control – but this is actually not the case. 

You will want to start by making sure that you do not have too many plug-ins installed on your website and remove any you don’t need. You should also look into what plug-in coaching tool your domain host provides.

If you want to increase your website’s traffic then you need to get to grip on SEO. This can include making sure that you doesn’t cover too many topics, to your being beautifully designed. 

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