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Nomos Glashuette: A Watch Brand That Combine Hi-Tech and Traditional Craftsmanship

Nomos Glashuette Watch Company is considering the status of symbols for watch lovers who are interested in Nomos Glashuette watches. In the varieties of range watches, there are unique features and valued points of interest that create confidence and the interest’s levels among the people. Actually, several of the company’s watch collections are inspired by the automotive industry. For example, the Autobahn collection was designed by former German president Frank-Walter Steinmeier. The same was true for the company’s collaboration with world-famous German designers. Their watches are often adorned with diamonds and other decorative items. However, even if they are not made of diamonds, NOMOS Glashutte’s gilded dials are still very elegant and stylish. See below to know more about nomos glashutte.

History of This Watch Brand

1990 was the year when Nomos Glashuette watches were introduced in the world. At that time in hand wound mechanical watches technology, Nomos Company was an expert that follows to German Bauhaus style. 

In Glashütte, Germany, NOMOS Glashütte produces exquisite mechanical clocks based on the principles of the Deutscher Werkbund and Bauhaus. Design engineers, artisans, and designers collaborate to develop high-quality, long-lasting goods that showcase “Made in Germany” at its finest and are accessible to as many people as possible. If the Berlin Wall was not collapsed in 1989, NOMOS Glashütte would not even exist. Democracy, open-mindedness, and tolerance were seen as essential principles by the firm. NOMOS Glashütte’s timepieces aim to transmit these principles to the brand’s supporters.

Later on in 2005, when the technology and preferences of the people was changed, the first Nomos automatic watch was introduced and got positive feedback form the watch lovers. In the range of manual-winding and automatic mechanical watches, Nomos Glashütte is considering the best and ideal watches for male and female watch lovers. Innovativeness of Nomos Glashütte always inspire the people to wear the stylish and trending fashion watches to boost up their personalities. Despite of their casual and informal nature, NOMOS Glashutte timepieces are also incredibly stylish. The designs are a mixture of classical and modern elements, and a variety of materials.

Available Models of Nomos Glashuette Watches 

NOMOS Glashutte Watches take their inspiration from the Bauhaus school of thought. Likewise, the colors are bright and vibrant. These watches emphasize basic shapes and are often made of stainless steel. The quality and results-wise the Nomos Glashuette watch models look awesome and attractive.

In Nomos Glashutte watches range, Zurich Braungold Automatic Brown Gold Dial Men’s Watch, Orion Manual-winding Blue Dial Stainless Steel, Metro Manual-winding Black Dial Stainless Steel Men’s Watch, Tangomat Automatic Yellow Dial Stainless Steel Unisex Watch, Zurich Date Automatic White Silver-Plated Dial 39.8mm, Tetra Immortal Beloved Manual-winding Turquoise Dial 29.5 mm Ladies Watch models are some watch models that we truly recommend. They have some values and can be bought online with easy and simple accessibility resources.

Online Quick and Easy Ordering 

NOMOS Glashütte combines a great deal of heritage and craftsmanship with high-tech where it serves accuracy. The perfect design and technology of Nomos Glashuette watches are delivering the best confidence and the interest levels of the people that have the same values. Shop your ideal watch models from guaranteed watch retailers.

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