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Memorable Going Away Gift Ideas for Friends

Do you want to show your friends how much you care about them, even after they move away?

You might be looking for a gift that will remind them of their hometown. Or something that reminds them of you, wherever they go next. Something that will tie their new experiences in with the time spent together with old friends.

See Ya Later Coffee Mugs:

If your friends love coffee, here is just the gift for them: a set of mugs with a picture of your hometown on one, and their next destination on the other.

If friends are Star Wars fans, these travel mugs will delight: they come with two lids — one shaped like Darth Vader’s helmet, the other in the form of R2D2. This Star Wars Travel Mug Set makes a great practical gift for any travelling Star Wars fan. You can watchcartoononline also.

 Snap more memories:

A set of old-fashioned polaroid type cameras is a memorable gift, and has the added advantage of helping friends capture memories of their new home.

If you have a friend who is creatively inclined, this unique picture frame could make for a very interesting going away present. They can fill it with old photo prints, or use it as a canvas to paint or draw on. The inspiration to create will surely come from the friend’s new surroundings!

Support their dreams:

How about giving a gift that will support one of the dreams your friend has always had, but never had the time to realize?For instance, if he or she has always wanted to learn how to play an instrument, give a musical instrument as a going away present.

The Red Davinci Mini Guitar is a great choice: it’s made of bamboo, and the musician can choose from two different sets of strings – one set is easier to play on, while the other is more appropriate for playing heavy rock music!This Lushome product is great for people who like growing plants at home! It comes with everything needed for seed germination — seeds, fertilizer, growing medium.

Gifting comfort:

A new, comfy pillow could be the ultimate gift for friends who are moving away in the next few weeks. With an assortment of colors and sizes to choose from, you can make sure your friend’s transition to a new living space is easy and relaxing.

Playing the familiar tunes:

Even though  your friend is moving, you can make them feel at home by gifting him their favorite albums or a CD player so they can continue to listen to their favorite songs. You could even gift them your playlist if they are missing you too.

Creating a new memory:

A part of your friend will always be with you if you gift them their favorite picture of the two of you hugging or a framed picture of both your names and the date written over it. You could just surprise

them with a collection of pictures that show how close the two of you were over the years.A personalized, artistic ceramic plate is sure to be an awesome gift for friends moving away .

Let your friend take you anywhere:

It’s not always easy to say goodbye. A gift that shows your friendship is more important than any words you could use to convey this sentiment should make him feel even more comfortable moving away from you.

Laughing together:

Since both you and your friend have been through the same experiences, it’s inevitable that you’ll often find yourselves laughing along with each other. You could give them a gag gift or an interactive gift that will let them share in the laughs!

Staying in touch:

These days, everyone has phones and internet access, so every person moving away can be coaxed into staying in touch with YOU by giving them a phone charger for their phone.

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