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How to Start a Nonprofit Organization

Non-profit organizations play an important role in our society and are gaining more and more space and attention and the popularity of participating in one has never been greater. Their activities involve many people, from members to donors, and the demands on non-profit organizations are high and the challenges are many.

Non-profit organizations are created and designed based on a common vision, interests, dreams, and the need for change. A non-profit focuses its efforts on helping people and providing a service, not on making a profit. With successful leadership in non-profits, people can make a difference for children and youth, the elderly and the disabled, animals and the environment, and many more. The areas of interest are endless.

There are some rules when it comes to opening a non-profit organization that you will need to understand before embarking on this journey.

Below, we dive into the basics of starting a nonprofit and making a difference.

A Business Plan

Many people looking to open a nonprofit organization might think that business plans are outdated and unnecessary documents that donors might occasionally demand. However, a business plan is an essential tool for your nonprofit as it will polish your purpose and messaging, help you obtain loans and grants, attract donors, and keep your organization on track.

If your ideas aren’t well-formulated, your strategic plans will be hard to execute and implement. Creating a detailed nonprofit businesses plan will answer many questions including the goals you want to achieve, how you intend on achieving them, and how many financial funds and other resources will be required to make your vision and mission success. This can be a daunting task but by using a good nonprofit business plan template, things will go much smoother and easier.

Remember that your business plan is a living document that must be updated frequently so you can reflect the nonprofit’s evolving goals and specific circumstances.

Develop Your Board


Hiring qualified board members is one of the most important processes when opening a nonprofit as the board fulfills different roles and legal responsibilities. Ultimately, the board members are those responsible for strategic decision-making, hiring staff, regulatory compliance, supporting and executing daily operations.

You should think about the skillset, characteristics, and knowledge candidates must have to be the best board members and which of those characteristics best correspond to your vision and mission.

Open communication is key as your board member must know what’s expected from them from day one so have a systematic approach to board development, including training, evaluation, and orientation which are all critical to your profit’s long-term success.  

All of this is equally important when hiring staff and volunteers as they’re the fuel to your nonprofit’s engine that will make sure everything moves forward effectively.

Build Identity

When you set your goals, mission, and values, you must have strategies in place that will communicate them outwardly. Everyone that is part of your organization must be on the same page and know what the nonprofit stands for and why so that a consistent brand identity is portrayed.

Good nonprofit branding will unite all the nonprofit stakeholders and help you stand out from the crowd and convey your message. This will strengthen the trust of your audience and increase engagement. When you build a brand, make sure to refer back to your demographics so you can tailor the communication to match their needs.

Lastly, create a unique logo for your nonprofit that will be compelling, relatable, and that will showcase who you are.

Legally Incorporate Your Nonprofit

When opening a nonprofit organization, you must legally incorporate it. This is a multi-step process that includes choosing a suitable name, appointing the board which we briefly touched upon above, determining the nonprofit’s legal structure, filing required incorporation paperwork, applying for tax exemption, and obtaining necessary licenses.

For more details, you should read about registering and starting a 501(c) (3) organization in the United States. Remember there are various types of nonprofits and state laws have specific regulations and guidelines as to what’s necessary for each of them.

Secure Funding


Last but not least, securing startup funding and deciding on the funding model is one of the most challenging aspects of opening a nonprofit.

Without funding, it’s unlikely that the nonprofit will sustain itself long enough. Look at your options and consider available startup accelerators for nonprofits that can assist in investing in-kind sponsorship, and much more.

Final Thoughts

Starting a nonprofit is exciting but it also presents a big commitment and requires a great deal of determination. Above we mentioned some of the steps necessary to start a nonprofit that will give you a clue of what’s needed to move forward and make your vision come true.

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