How to Grab More Eyeballs with a Stunning Logo

What is the difference between a good logo and a bad logo? Having a good logo means gaining profitable business while having a bad logo means being ignored by customers. Consider the famous logos of Apple, Nike, Amazon, FedEx, and IBM. Even being extremely simple, these logos convey a strong brand identity. 

That’s precisely how you want your logo to be! It’s always best to look for the logo inspiration to get your logo easily, while you may like to create your own logo using a free logo maker. Here is how to attract more customers using an eye-catching logo. 

Define your business goals and values 

There is a famous saying that “a picture is worth a thousand words.” A logo representing your business characterizes this saying. Its primary objective is to define your company goals and values. It tells the audience what your business is all about. Defining your business goals and values through a logo helps people understand your brand the best way possible. 

‍keep your custom logo simple 

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. It’s not necessary to present an overly ornamented thing in front of customers to lure them. The same applies to logos. Nobody likes to see an excessively complex brandmark that fails to display the purpose of the brand it stands for. That’s the reason people love Apple, IBM, Mc Donald’s, and Nike’s logos, as these are simple and memorable.

When you’re in the conception step of your logo, try to include an icon or element that points at the true essence of your business. 

‍Evoke your brand’s purpose

Logos are said to shape the personality of a brand subconsciously. To put it simply, logos evoke the brand’s larger image without broadcasting it at full volume. For example, the logo of Amazon has an arrow created in the form of an arrow. It shows the movement from “A” to “Z,” which indicates the company’s global reach, plus everything can be found here. The logo of IBM looks like it was printed on an old-generation printer that indicates its modern market computers as well as the historical role in creating early computers. 

The same goes for FedEx’s logo. The whitespace cleverly showcases an arrow that stands for its fast logistic services. Likewise, apple’s logo with a bite mark on it represents innovation. So, make sure your logo evokes your brand’s purpose most practically. 

Adapt to flexibility 

Your brandmark should just have meaningful imagery, but it should also have versatility. Here, versatile means being flexible. No matter in what size or color it appears, it should make sense in every form. Choose a logo that you can shrink or scale without losing on its quality. In the graphic design world, scalability means a lot, and if it’s in your logo, it is a success. 

Represent timelessness

Good logo designs get themselves etched in your mind. That’s the reason people remember them for longer. It’s easy for you to remember and even draw the logos of Apple and McDonald’s in a subconscious state. Maintaining such a custom logo benefits your company in the long run. Do not run behind design trends, as every redesign widens the gap between you and your customers. Try to avoid trends as much as possible. In its place, choose timeless design elements. This leaves a more profound impression on your target audience.

Do your research 

‍Even if you don’t want to follow the trends, you still have to pay attention to what’s going in your industry. This includes some preliminary research work before executing the plan of your custom logo. Find out whether you need a simple logo as your industry favors simplicity, or you’ll go with an eye-catching one. Do a little background work, and it will save you from standing out for all the wrong reasons. When you are ready to get started, execute your ideas and get a logo as you desire.

Use appropriate colors and fonts 

Colors evoke emotions. You may have seen many big brands of the world having colorful logos as humans are attracted to colors.  Adding colors to your custom logo design will help you grow your customer base. Take an example from McDonald’s bright golden arches.

Just like colors, fonts to catch a viewer’s attention. Don’t use an extra stylish font, but use something that goes well with your brand. To make your logo unique, you can use custom fonts. Coca-Cola, Pepsi, and others use custom fonts to stand out. You can also follow in their footsteps and pick a font that suits your company the best.

Consider your audience 

Any business that perfectly knows its audience grows faster. To be a long-time player in the market and rule over your customers’ hearts, you must know them very well. So before you set out your logo design using a logo maker or a designer, consider your target audience. This will help you to choose the icon, decide the font, and finalize the colors accordingly.

Once you know your customers well, it becomes easy to step into their shoes and find out what they really like. After all, your business entirely means for them, to serve them, to cater to their needs, and make them happy. 


A business logo is the first thing that a customer sees when they contact your brand. The impression that your logo leaves on them depends on how you create your logo. The brandmark should be designed with research, patience, and experts. 

Take ideas and inspiration from sites like Designhill, know your audience’s perspective, and then set out a plan. Involve your friends and colleagues for an unbiased opinion. Do brainstormings with the designer or anyone who can help you create a relevant logo.  

Last but not least, market your brand to grab your potential customers’ eyeballs. Place your logo on business cards; use it on your website, social media posts, and everywhere you think is necessary. Having an eye-catching logo will remind the audience of your products, services, and values. 

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