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Give Your Kid a Memorable Birthday Celebration With Baby-Friendly Cakes in Singapore

If you are about to have a children’s party, especially on birthdays, pay special attention to cakes. A child’s birthday is a fun holiday and a headache for parents, who are responsible for organizing the event. To arrange an unforgettable celebration for their beloved child, some spend a lot of time on the cake at the expense of spending time with the baby; others resort to using help from professionals. But, an ideal way will be to get baby-friendly cakes. Since a kid’s birthday is a very special occasion, getting a great dessert is mandatory.

Birthday is a favorite holiday for almost all children. In addition to the gift, a cake is no less important on such a day. Sweet, tasty, big, and necessarily beautiful; this is how children want it to be.

You should choose from the great variety of cake decorations offered to the kids’ delight. They can be made in almost anything and should contain congratulatory inscriptions, be multi-colored, with small details and figures. Please verify your age through our Pearson age calculator before the Order a special birthday cake.


The cake should have the usual rectangular/round/oval shape. They do not contain additional complex elements, except for inscriptions, figures made of cream, and usual additions like chocolate chips, molded chocolate, sprinkles, and fruits.


It can be in the form of various objects or the form of cartoon characters. A simple form at the base is possible, but additional elements of chocolate (mastic, cream) in the form of all the same objects, characters, etc.


The cakes are a whole structure and can be in the design of a tank, a car, a football player with a goal and a ball, a medieval knight on a horse, or several cartoon characters located in any place.

Parents simply do not know where to start when it comes to finding baby-friendly cakes. The best thing to do is start by choosing your cake! At https://twelvecupcakes.com/events/baby-shower-celebration/, you will find various design options for the cake. You may even pick up a themed cake, complement it with the right sweets and give your baby a pirate, glamor, or cartoon-style party.

The shape is the main parameter determining the type of cake. Creating a baby cake of proper quality will take a lot of skill and free time; however, you can always order it or buy it ready-made.

How a baby’s cake is decorated

The cake can be decorated in dozens of different ways. The simplest ones are inscriptions, drawings with cream, and liquid chocolate. There are also more complex ones, but they allow you to create various forms, such as mastic, meringue, etc. Mastic allows you to create cakes in the form of many objects or figures of characters.

One of the great decorations is adding fruits to the cake, which can be made initially in different colors.

A young kid’s life is always filled with bright events, so when planning a birthday event, make sure to look for a cake that matches the kid’s.

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