Feel Safe Journey with Good Motor Insurance: Know-How

Considering the unpredictable and dynamic nature of the traffic and Indian roads, the government has made it compulsory to have proper third-party insurance for all vehicle owners. Apart from abiding by the law, proficient motor insurance has the capability of offering a spectrum of benefits to the customer. It acts as an effective financial tool in times of distress. Having a proper two-wheeler or car insurance will help you be relaxed and have a safe journey. Although, getting acclaimed third-party insurance for your vehicle is definitely an arduous task.

However, here are some effective tips on how you can be safe and assured while travelling with the help of good motor insurance. Read to know-how!

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Buy the best car/bike insurance plan:

If you are planning a trip on the road with your vehicle, you must make sure that you have the best motor insurance plan. A good bike/car insurance plan includes all the features and inclusions that you need. Buying motor insurance that has just the right coverage for you can help you stay safe while going for a trip on the road.

You can also select the comprehensive car insurance policies that include the coverage of your expenses as well as the liabilities of the third-party insurance. These liabilities can be the expenses of their medical assistance or the damage caused to their vehicle. The government has made the buying of third-party insurance mandatory for every two-wheeler and car policy. It can help you save yourself from any unprecedented and unbidden situation like accidents. Also, make sure the amount of third-party insurance coverage is adequate.

Ensure a good car service:

Car insurances generally have cashless services at the garages linked with the providing companies. These vast number of garages are scattered all around India, where you can reach out if you need a car service. Motor provide cashless as well as reimbursement types of services at their garages.

However, looking at the demand and the ease of customers, most of the garages linked with the insurance providers offer cashless services. While you are travelling, you can get their help in case your car breakdown mid-way, or any other type of service is required. A car in good condition has fewer chances of meeting an accident and thus, saving the claims of the third-party insurance.

Check the condition of your tires:

Tyres are what the entire vehicle stands upon. If hundreds of kg weight are to be balanced by those tires, they might as well be strong and sturdy. Also, they must have an adequate amount of air in them so that they do not hamper you from driving the vehicle. Check all the tires of your vehicle before setting out for your journey and check if they have the required amount of air in them.

Keep an extra tire in your car in case of situations where the car tire or the bike tyre gets punctured. Thus, you can easily change the defective tyre with the new one and get your vehicle working again. Some motor policies have the feature of free tyre examination and rectification.

Keep the first aid box and a small medical kit:

Besides the other necessary things, your vehicle must have an emergency medical kit. Both cars and two-wheelers usually have a tiny medical kit with them when you buy them. They usually contain antiseptics, ointments, and bandages for immediate medical aid. It can really help in giving yourself or the third party some immediate help and can save it from coming to the claiming of the third-party insurance

Keeping them with you can help you give immediate treatment to the victim of accidents (be it you or the third party). If your vehicle isn’t provided with a complimentary medical kit, make sure you make one for yourself and keep all the required medicines and ointments inside it. Remember to carry it wherever you go and wherever you go with your vehicle (be it a car or a two-wheeler).

Keep the emergency phone numbers saved in your mobile phone:

Make sure you have saved all the emergency numbers on your mobile phone, before leaving your house. Keep the numbers of your insurance provider saved in your device along with the other important numbers. These may include the numbers of people like mechanics, drivers, etc. Your motor insurance providers can have other ways of contacting them. Make sure you note them all down, in order to contact your motor insurance provider. Besides this, keep these contact numbers written on paper too, in case any technical glitch takes place.

How is the No Claim Bonus (NCB) calculated?

As per general practice, the No Claim Bonus (NCB) calculation starts from the second year of your car insurance policy. The minimum amount of NCB begins at a 20% discount on the premiums and eventually goes up higher with every no-claim policy year. The ratio increases 5% with every claim-free year and reaches the maximum of 50% in 5 years. The policyholder must also be mindful that the NCB is calculated considering only the component damage premium and not the third-party damage cover.

By maintaining your car and not filing for petty claims can boost your no claim bonus. Effectively following such protocol, the policy provider can harness many benefits from the NCB. The transfer of your NCB can also be done effortlessly. If you are looking forward to getting a car insurance policy, do check out the Bajaj Finserv car insurance to know more about the details. Check for the exclusive offers today!

Another very appreciable trait of the No Claim Bonus is that it is easy to transfer, and the car insurance owner can do it at their will. The NCB can also be transferred to the vehicle’s new owner if needed. One can simply initiate the transfer by getting the NCB certificate and processing it.

By having proper third-party insurance for your vehicle and following the above-mentioned steps, you can be worry-free and feel safe during your journey on the road with your vehicle.

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