Event Engagement Ideas For A Virtual And Hybrid Audience

Are you looking for new and exciting ways to engage your audience at your next event? If so, you’re in luck! In this blog, we have ideas that will make that are sure to get your guests excited. From interactive activities to engaging speakers, we have something for everyone. So, what are you waiting for? Read on to get started!

Event Engagement Ideas For A Virtual And Hybrid Audience

Let’s look at brilliant ideas for both hybrid and virtual audiences.

●     Display A Free Social Wall

A virtual event or venue’s social wall is ideal for increasing engagement, attracting sponsors and exhibitors, and delivering immersive experiences.

The value of user-generated material across all social media platforms through hashtags and social handles is expertly curated on a single digital screen through social media walls. It aids in the integration of live physical and online events.

Social media aggregators like Taggbox allow users to combine multiple social media channels into one single feed. It not only serves to attract guests’ attention but also helps increase traffic at the virtual event. The importance of properly utilizing the power of social media walls in virtual events cannot be overstated.

●     Arrange A Proper Schedule For Networking

Getting physical attendees to include virtual meetings into their event agendas is the most challenging component of engaging both audience types at hybrid events. Schedule time for virtual networking, gaming, and engagement activities in your schedule.

Allow time for people to network in your schedule. When virtual attendees click the “Live” button during this time, send them to a screen encouraging them to network. This would remind them of any engagement competitions you’re running and give them ideas on meeting people the best way possible.

Set up an hour or two each day for dedicated networking. You’ll see an increase in meetings and phone conversations between visitors and exhibitors.

●     Host An Auction

If you use your imagination, auctions can be a lot of fun. All auctions don’t need players bidding only in terms of money. Your auction’s rules and regulations are entirely up to you.

Consider auctions on Masterchef Australia, where contestants bid with their time instead of money. You can auction things on-ground for on-ground and virtual attendees within a predetermined time and bidding cap. Allow virtual attendees to participate in the auction by using your hybrid event platform to live stream it.

Make the experience more fun. For example, ask on-site visitors to take a selfie at the auction and post it to the event app or social media to earn points. In addition, you can award points for bidding or merely participate in the auction online for those who cannot come in person.

●     Add Features For Both Virtual And On-site Audiences

For a more immersive experience, invest in audience engagement features. Both audiences and speakers can interact with speakers through live dialogues, live questions, and polls. Live conversations during sessions, surveys, Q&A, online roundtables, video calling, and speed networking should be on every organizer’s essentials and an optimized mobile app.

It’s vital to engage the physical audience in using technology for involvement during sessions so that all of the questions and poll results are in one spot. In addition, speakers will be able to address both audiences simultaneously owing to this.

●     AI-Powered Matchmaking

Both sets of participants save time thanks to artificial intelligence. Some people feel that attending a hybrid event from home makes serendipity impossible, yet this couldn’t be further from reality. These meetings can be created with artificial intelligence and are assured to be more successful.

AI algorithms evaluate demographic and behavioral data from attendees and exhibitors to identify people who are most likely to share business interests and become valuable connections. As a result, attendees and exhibitors can save time by eliminating the need to wade through endless lists of persons to meet.

Based on the data, the algorithms may also recommend the sessions, goods, and booths that consumers would be most interested in, resulting in a personalized event journey for each guest.

●     Sponsor’s Corner

Every event planner’s dream is to send sponsors home satisfied. This goal can be realized with a designated sponsors’ section at the physical venue. This area can be used as a networking lounge, a chat room, or to broadcast live from the event site to the hybrid event platform.

You can also utilize AR/VR to introduce items, gamify product demos, etc. As a result, you can provide tremendous interaction for your sponsors & exhibitors and make event finances by building this space on your virtual and on-site event platform.

Wrapping Up!

There are many different ways to get people engaged with events. It’s essential to make sure that the call to action is clear and easy to understand. A social media wall is a brilliant event engagement tool that has been in the spotlight in recent years, and you can create the best one with Taggbox!

Taggbox has been a leading platform in user-generated content. It is a terrific social media aggregator tool with brilliant moderation, customization and moderation features.

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