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Essential Travel Gadgets Every Digital Nomad Needs

This is the 21st-century and people are still exploring this world. They are more than willing now to travel to the deepest part of the oceans, attain new heights on the mountains, travel on trails that have never been traveled before, and visit those countries where no other people have ventured.

Shaping the world of travel in 21st-century

Travelling has never been a new interest in people. Everyone is a in his or her own way. But people today are travelling more than they used to before. Before the advent of laptops, mobile phones, and Wi-Fi, people were chained to their office desks and only traveled once or twice a year. But today, they are willing to travel more. Although it is due to the increased awareness about wandering, some part of it is contributed by the technological advances in gadgets that have enabled them to stay in contact with the world even in the most remote locations. These travelling gadgets have become essential to keep every time you hit the road and every nomad’s best friend.

Another factor that has contributed to the development of gadgets for is social media and entrepreneurship. These trends have certainly increased in this century and people are encouraged to along with their work. Our daily reporting to work has been the biggest factor that kept us from travelling and exploring the world in the past, but these new trends have helped travelling enthusiasts a big-time to pursue both altogether.

Essential travel gadgets to carry

With these gadgets, it seems like we live in a parallel universe now. Before people to take themselves away from the world, where there is no network or internet coverage. They truly wanted to explore the wilderness without any hassle of technology. But today, people need these gadgets to make sure they more and take care of their work from the places they are travelling to. In short, they really want to become a digital nomad with an internet connection so that they can work from a laptop.

A traveller also carries a smartphone, one of the most common gadgets, all the time. In a single smartphone, you can store multiple apps that can help you not only in travelling, but also find the cheapest flights to your destination, get updates, provide all the details about the weather of the destination, flight data, GPS, and much more. These things make travelling a lot easier and have certainly contributed to enhancing travel awareness amongst people. I was able to book a cheap flight to New York City from London recently with the help of a travel app from a renowned agency. So, if my phone can help me find one, so can yours.

Travel gadgets to carry for all digital nomads

Following is a list of some essential travel gadgets that every digital nomad needs in his or her backpack all the time for a good travelling experience.


A laptop is indeed one of the most common electronic devices that every have in their homes and offices. Most of people even carry them all the time when they are, even though they have their smartphones with them all the time that can help them take care of all their matters. But keeping a laptop is important due to many reasons. A laptop is more user-friendly, and you can easily type on it, edit any image, store more information and data, and a lot of other benefits. You simply cannot replace a laptop with anything else right now. Most nomads are bloggers and writers. It is important for them to keep a device where they can easily type, edit their videos and photos, upload content, emails, and access social media anytime they want. Although laptops are mostly heavy and big, there are some smaller models as well as other similar devices such as a surface that can be used. So always keep one with you all the time.

Portable charger/power bank

When you are carrying multiple electronic and digital gadgets with you, you will need a source to charge them. Adding extra batteries will only add extra weight in your luggage and they drain sometimes by themselves. So, we recommend you always keep a heavy-duty portable charger or a power bank with you for your cellphones, GPS devices, laptops and any other digital gadget. Although you can still keep an extra battery which is a good thing to do as batteries malfunction all the time, power banks and portable chargers are a great and light replacement for them.

Solar charger

Nowadays, when people are setting out on trekking trips, they have the luxury to take solar chargers with them. Short treks can allow you to take an extra battery or a portable charger, but long treks, hiking in the wild, or even mountaineering can demand better preparations. So always take a durable and powerful solar charger with you all the time.

Universal Plug Adapter

When you want to charge your laptop, mobile phone or any other gadget in a different country, you may sometimes need a converter or an adapter to change the switch type. A universal plug adapter is an answer to this inconvenience that is always experienced by travellers. This gadget is a must to carry all the time in your luggage. So always keep this small and useful item and avoid any silly inconvenience.

Noise Annulling Headphones

Travelling demands constant moving from one place to another in any form of transport. You may travel in aeroplane seat right next to the engine, or in a train where your seat partner is a screeching mandrake or even a noisy bus. So, a noise annulling headphone set is important to keep with you all the time. Even though you prefer to stay longer in one place, but you will travel to another sooner than later. So, keep it and avoid unnecessary noise stress.

Portable memory drive

You visit a place and take too many photos and videos. As a traveller myself, it is my personal experience that no matter how much memory I carry in my mobile phone or camera, it always runs out. So, you and I need a solution to this problem and that is none other than a portable memory drive. Always keep an extra USB hard drive or a portable memory drive with you all the time.


A camera is one of the most important travelling items. But due to its sensitivity, people avoid taking a risk with it especially in their travels due to the fear of inconvenience if they damage their camera. But with the advent of GoPro, they don’t need the hassle of making videos with their mobile phones or even conventional cameras, as GoPro has a durable, waterproof and shockproof casing that can protect it from anything. It can also be mounted on your helmet, car, touring plane or anywhere.

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